About Us

About Us

Fabrique Love Connection Limited (“FLCL”) is a company limited by guarantee in Singapore, and a not-for-profit entity set up by the founders of Fabrique Love Pte Ltd.  FLCL was set up with the belief that matchmaking for singles including matchmaking events resides more comfortably within the non-profit realm – in line with the original ethos and idea that the government of Singapore had when they first setup the Social Development Unit/Section decades ago.  Establishing a family in Singapore with the intention of residing long term in Singapore, is more akin to a public good (think birth rate, ageing population and the very existence of a population) than a commercial objective.  We could write a thesis on this, but we truly believe there needs to be a concerted move away from looking for a partner solely based on financial and long term economic considerations. How do you put a price on a date or a relationship?  And will your partner be forever on an upwards economic trajectory? Are singles aware of the minefield ahead for young couples and families as time passes or was marriage just an end in itself as was often portrayed by our state?

In any case, it’s been a decade since Fabrique has been in the matchmaking business, and the conception of FLCL came about back in 2019 when the founders of then Social Development Network accredited Fabrique Love believed that well-intentioned but misdirected and heavy-handed state intervention in the matchmaking industry would soon come to an end.  The mandate of FLCL has since expanded to include a more holistic approach towards singles, families and relationships to include aspects such as counselling, with the view of securing a operational track record sufficient to apply for charity status in Singapore.


How Your Contributions Make a Difference​

At FLC, we use the funds we receive to guarantee that our counselling services are of excellent standard, while also offering a safe and confidential environment for people seeking help. Your contribution directly contributes to the payment of necessary costs such as:
  • Counselling Room Rental
    Your contributions help secure private and pleasant counselling rooms, allowing people to express themselves in a safe and accepting setting. Depending on location and facilities, room rental rates typically range from $20 to $50 per hour.
  • Counsellors Who Have Been Trained
    We are committed to giving competent treatment. Your contributions enable us to compensate professionally educated and experienced counsellors, ensuring that individuals in need receive the finest possible support.
  • Support information
    Additional resources, information, tests and tools that contribute to a more holistic counselling process.

Our Partner:

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The Impact of Your Contribution

Individual therapy sessions can cost between $50 and $250 per hour, depending on location, services provided, and counsellor experience. With your help, we will be able to provide these sessions at low or no cost to people experiencing financial hardship, removing obstacles to access.
Is Fabrique Love Connection Limited a charity?

No.  FLCL is a not-for-profit entity incorporated as a company limited by guarantee.  A company limited by guarantee is a common structure deployed by not-for-profit entities and charities.  What this essentially means, is that there are no shareholders, only members who believe in a common goal and that any surplus funds remain within the company rather than distributed to shareholders as would be in the case of a commercial company with profit maximization as its sole reason for existence.  The governance structure for a company limited by guarantee remains in place.  FLCL hopes to secure an operational track record to allow it to apply for charity status and eventually IPC status.

What is unique about Fabrique Love Connection?

FLCL intends and plans to partner with charities in organizing volunteer events which provide the dual objectives of performing charitable functions and matchmaking functions for single volunteers.  While ambitious, our events revolve around a charitable objective theme, which would draw in like minded singles who would be happy to not just meet new friends but also give back to society.  With our wealth of experience in relationships, FLCL also intends to provide counselling and other guidance services to singles navigating relationships, family establishment and marital relationships.  Life can be challenging, and it helps to have someone to speak to.  And that’s what FLCL hopes to do.